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Westbury - Preparing for Your Lifestyle Needs Ahead of Time

January 9, 2018

At Westbury, the Gryphon Development team has thought ahead for its residents to provide a personalized lifestyle. After we move into a new home, we may find we want to make certain additions or alterations, often to discover that the new features are cost prohibitive or structurally uncompliant with the home. Gryphon Development has thought ahead for what their residents MAY need, and implemented the features from the get go; meaning there will be no additional costs for you to enjoy these fabulous features.

So what are these features?

Retractable charging outlets located on either side of the stovetop. While these may seem like a nice-to-have at the beginning, they quickly become a need-to-have because the design is flush with the wall, meaning grease and smoke from cooking and dirt from everyday won’t find its way into the charging outlet. It saves you a lot of cleaning and helps to keep your kitchen looking new for a much longer time.

Steam oven in the kitchen. The piping is already built-in so you won’t have to refill water every time you want to use the appliance. Adding piping to a home can be extremely costly, but the team has already prepared this for you ahead of time.
Westbury Gryphon Development Steam Oven
True blackout blinds. Seriously, enjoy a good night’s sleep on us, with our discreet recessed tracks for window blinds, there won’t be any distracting light peeping in from your windows. The rough-in for automated blinds is also provided so should a resident wish to add that feature to the standard Crestron smart home system at Westbury, it’ll be extremely simple.

Secured underground parking with elevator access. Townhome communities of a smaller size usually come with a stairwell connecting the underground parkade to the courtyard. At Westbury, there is a secure residents-only elevator, because we don’t want you to have to choose between ‘should I bring the baby up first or the groceries up first?’

…and these are just a few of the dozens of thoughtful details the team debated as they designed the project to meet all the foreseeable design requirements a resident might have, so when they move in, everything has been taken care of. After all, we all want a hassle-free lifestyle, don’t we?

Want to learn more? Register on and our sales team can provide a private guided tour to reveal all the wonderful surprises and delights in store for you at Westbury.

About Westbury

A boutique collection of eight townhomes in the heart of the prestigious and heritage-rich Arbutus Ridge neighbourhood. Tree-lined streets, estate homes, independent local bakeries beloved by the community and the city’s top schools all in one place. Thoughtfully crafted by Gryphon Development with the vision to make every home original, every home art.