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The Latest Mortgage & Tax Trends

A Seminar with experienced & proficient financial market leaders

September 30, 2022

In collaboration with National Bank of Canada and Song & Ho Group, we invited industry leaders to explain the fluctuating real estate market and offer expert advice to leverage real estate investments for the highest returns.

We had an amazing turnout at our Mortgage & Tax Seminar event with National Bank of Canada and Song & Ho Group. We are grateful for all the guests that attended our seminar events. We are honored to share insights and educate curious homebuyers, realtors, and investors on mortgages, investments, and the overall real estate market from financial experts in the industry.


The event was well attended with many curious buyers and realtors.

The event was well attended with many curious buyers and realtors. 


Whether immigrating or returning to Canada, there are bound to be many life issues to deal with. Recently, interest rates have been continuously adjusted and the market has been fluctuating constantly. How should home purchase, mortgage and other investments be allocated to achieve the best return? What should you pay attention to before and after adding tax?

At our Mortgage and Tax Seminar event, our financial and real estate experts covered important areas for home purchasers such as mortgage applications, increasing interest rates, different types of savings and investment accounts, the stress test, and more! The audience was very engaged and asked numerous questions that peaked their interests.


We surprised guests with giveaway prizes.


Private Banker, Anthony Lin and Senior Advisor, Tony Markin from National Bank of Canada 


One by one, our National Bank of Canada partners answered significant mortgage and finance questions from our audience. Now you can watch watch our partnered videos with our Financial experts where they cover important tips and topics on the homebuying process such as the Stress Test, Mortgage Application, Rising Interest Rates, and more.

• When is the best time to do the Mortgage Application?

• What happens when Interest Rates rise?

• How do you achieve tax efficiency on your investments?

• What is the Stress Test?

• Can I avoid the Stress Test?

• What should you prioritize as a new immigrant?

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