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The Journey of Gryphon House

March 24, 2022

We are so excited to announce that site preparation for Gryphon House has begun! The journey towards creating an elite lifestyle for future homeowners of this prestigious property is finally taking shape with this significant milestone and construction progress.

Inspired by some of the finest examples of contemporary traditionalism in London, The Gryphon House project is a story that begins with art. Located in the central neighborhood of Kerrisdale, it creates a sense of timeless grandeur and brings modern day heritage to the historic neighborhood.

Kerrisdale is known for its rich history. The Stanley Ernest Peters (S.E.P) Building dates to its beginnings in the 1930’s where it has become home to many beloved treasures. One of those treasures being George’s Pizza who opened their doors in 1977 and has become a family favorite in the community for decades. Gryphon House will restore and integrate The Stanley Ernest Peters (S.E.P) Building into a classic contemporary architectural style and pay tribute to the evolution and transformation of the new Kerrisdale.

Demolition crew and equipment arrives on site to begin demolition of the existing structure.
The engineered scaffold system has been installed to retain the structural integrity of the SEP heritage façade.
Construction fencing installed along West Boulevard
Demolition of the existing Glasshouse has been completed.

Thank you to our construction team, Elephon Builders, for ensuring that we preserve the Stanley Ernest Peters (SEP) Block’s structural integrity. The team has successfully cleared the dedicated land and prepared for excavation. Soon, Gryphon House homeowners can expect to get a glimpse of their future home.

Elephon Builders is a Vancouver-based group of experienced builders, construction experts, and entrepreneurs that creates exceptional projects with in-house design and building capabilities. Through the implementation of the best sustainable, ethical, value-add practices and systems to optimize each project from start to finish, Elephon aims to maintain long-term relationships with each stakeholder in the construction process.

Our passion is the pursuit of quality. Our responsibility is to build homes of the highest standard, in the place we call home.” – Elephon Builders.


The Gryphon House project is moving forward and we can’t wait to share all our progress with you! Stay tuned and follow us on our Facebook and Instagram to receive the latest news and updates on Gryphon House and our future developments.