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Our Brand Philosophy

September 16, 2017

Today we want to share with our valued readers, prospective project residents and business partners Gryphon Development’s brand philosophy, because it is the guiding light to every detail of our business plans in the Vancouver Westside for years to come.


Respect the Customer

Regardless of the market conditions, we are committed to delivering the highest quality to our residents, investing in premium materials, experienced interior design and architecture teams, to provide you with a place you can call home. True to our passion for redefining the art of living, we will not compromise quality and living experience dedicating the time and resources to craft the ideal home.


Considered Design

Where others tout international design or architectural credentials, our focus is on providing quality through considered design.

Considered design is where we pay attention to every detail to custom our homes toward the project’s specific target audience. For example, Westbury is an unique collection of townhomes in a heritage-rich neighbourhood, tailored for upsizers and downsizers; we include details such as storage drawers under the first steps of the stairwell to store shoes, step lighting to assist the elderly or young children to ascend and descend the stairs, and storage options that relieve the clutter you often see in an otherwise ‘spacious’ home. We research, observe, test, discuss and revise until no stone is left unturned and we are able to deliver a custom home that delights in every aspect.


Passion to Foster Relationships Within the Home

We build homes, and home is where relationships are built between members of the family; this is why our kitchen, which we believe is the beating heart of the home that tie us all together, is located at the center of the home. You will always pass through the kitchen whether you are returning home or heading out for the day. The elements of the home are positioned for harmony within the home; returning home should bring a smile to your face because this is where your favourite people will be waiting to share their day with you, in the kitchen, over a hot meal.

Gryphon Development is committed to fostering relationship building within the home.

As we plant our roots into the Vancouver community, we will hold ourselves to the above brand promises and philosophy, to develop homes that respect the customer, consider every detail to relieve the stress of everyday living for our residents, and deliver homes that make our residents smile each and every day.

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