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Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra 15th Anniversary Gala

The Celebration of Artistry

May 23, 2018

We are deeply honoured to be a sponsor alongside Revery Architecture for Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra VMO’s 15th Anniversary Gala on April 26th last month. Our team is deeply passionate about arts and music, so this is a cause near and dear to our heart and we are happy to play a part in supporting the mission of VMO to enrich, inspire and advocate for the development of young musicians in the community. Our ongoing work for the Gryphon Musée also focuses on bringing light to emerging local artists, a cause we will continue to support through exhibitions, sponsorships and events.

The event was filled with wonderful performances by talented musicians and dancers, and we had the pleasure of watching Trevor Hoffman & Jessica Zraly, Charlotte Tyhurst, the Pro Arte Dancers, Ryan Wang, and Paul Hung live on stage.

Gryphon VMO Gala 2018
VMO 15th Anniversary Gala at Hotel Fairmont Waterfront


Gryphon VMO Gala 2018
The Gryphon Development Team with Revery Architecture


Gryphon VMO Gala 2018
Opening performance by Trevor Hoffmann and Jessica Zraly


Gryphon VMO Gala 2018
Piano performance by Ryan Wang


Gryphon VMO Gala 2018
Cello performance by Charlotte Tyhurst


The Story: The Founding of Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra

The Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra is a non-profit society founded by Maestro Kenneth Hsieh. Since its inception in 2003, the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra has been dedicated to providing superior orchestral mentorship for talented music graduates, helping them move from student to professional on the International stage.


VMO Gala 2018 Gryphon


Kenneth Hsieh is an award-winning Taiwanese-Canadian Conductor with numerous industry accolades including the prestigious Heinz Unger Award in Conducting and the Jean-Marie Beaudet Award in Orchestral Conducting. As a graduate of both the University of British Columbia and The Royal Conservatory of Music, Ken completed his postgraduate studies in Orchestral conducting in Japan at the prestigious Toho Gakuen School of Music, and Senzoku College of Music on full scholarship.


Kenneth Hsieh VMO gala 2018 Gryphon
Conductor and founder of VMO Maestro Kenneth Hsieh


Over the years, Ken held a variety of conducting roles that strengthened his skills as both a versatile conductor and an aspiring leader. He has worked with celebrated orchestras including the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra, Pacific Music Festival Orchestra and Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, and has served as a guest conductor at countless world-class performance events. His passion and compelling presence on the podium eventually landed him the role of the Assistant conductor with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra from 2004-2007.

Ken has always been dedicated to promoting young artists and musical education, and has often worked with youth and training orchestras, accepting invitations to be a guest professor and conductor at Institutions such as the National Tainan University in Taiwan. This passion eventually led him to the founding of the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra in 2003.

In the past fifteen years, the VMO has helped launch the careers of many young talents who are now performing with renowned musical organizations around the world. As a company with roots from Taiwan, we are proud of Kenneth, both for his Taiwanese roots and his contribution to the Taiwanese community.


We want to thank Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra and Revery Architecture for giving us the opportunity to support such a wonderful cause, as well as all other participating sponsors and organizers for making this event happen.We look forward to watching the organization thrive in bringing mentorship opportunities to the next generation of aspiring musical talents. Gryphon believes that art brings people together and it could be found in our everyday life.


Photography by Mayowill Photography