Gryphon Living

Storytelling Through Design

A Design Embodying Our Heritage and Brand Story

March 28, 2018

Since the launch of the Gryphon brand and our first project in Vancouver West, Westbury, we have emphasized the importance of attention to detail, the amount of care we put into considering and anticipating our client needs, but what we have yet to share is our story of our Taiwanese roots, and how that has shaped and will continue to shape the Gryphon brand.


From our Taiwan parent company, we have learned the importance of creating homes that celebrate the art of living. We infuse their extended living spaces with thoughtful and sophisticated design details and integrate considered ergonomic designs into the home to alleviate everyday stressors. This design philosophy can be seen and felt in all of our Taiwan developments, and the Gryphon brand has brought this design thinking to Vancouver, aiming to achieve similar great heights with this Vancouver-based development venture.


Thoughtful designs and aesthetics at our Parent company JinRay's "The Symphony" project
Thoughtful designs and aesthetics at our parent company JinRay’s “The Symphony” project


In our Vancouver head office, our guiding principle “Every Home Original. Every Home Art.” is permanently imprinted on our wall, a single phrase that speaks to the belief of both Gryphon and our Parent company JinRay. Each project we build is tailored for the anticipated residents, where we foresee their needs and cater to them using beautiful yet functional designs. It is this ability to marry art and function that makes every home a work of art.


Brand Philosophy Gryphon
The Gryphon Brand Philosophy on our office wall


The designed phone holder is a thoughtful way for us to share this story with those who appreciate our design philosophy, as we have prepared it as a gift for those who follow us on social media and visit us at Gryphon Musée, an art gallery our team has painstakingly invested months preparing to showcase local Vancouver artists.

The intricacy of the phone holder is a reflection of our attentiveness to details, using precision laser cutting technology as a method to create our carefully selected symbols and motifs to illustrate our story. We also chose to use recycled cardboard, a sustainable material that aligns with Vancouver’s existing green initiatives.

The 3 designed layers of this durable cardboard phone holder tells the story of our roots in Taiwan, where we have garnered over 2 decades of development experience, our transformation from our Lion mascot in Taiwan into a Gryphon that spreads its wings to journey overseas to promising new lands, and our ambitions to enhance beautiful Vancouver with our Every Home Original. Every Home Art philosophy.


Gryphon Vancouver phone holder
A phone holder we designed to tell our story


While small enough to hold in your hand, the meaning of this piece tells of our history and of our future.

As you lay your eyes on the design, you will notice the 3-ply cardboard with unique cut-outs on each individual layer. The resulting artwork created by layering the designs together create an intricate piece with depth and dimension.

We encourage you to maneuver piece by piece, from the bottom-most layer to the uppermost layer as we unfold the meaning behind each piece.


The City – The bottom-most layer represents the city of Vancouver. Look for iconic landmarks such as the Harbour Center, BC place, and Hotel Vancouver within this layer. Although not geographically to scale, the entirety of the landmarks are a representation of this beautiful city and is what gives Vancouver its distinctive personality.  


The Gryphon – The middle layer represents us, the “Gryphon” (another name for Griffin). Our parent brand from Taiwan “JinRay” bears the mascot of a Lion, and as a Lion transforms to spread its wings, a Gryphon emerges. The Gryphon majestically makes its way overseas to Vancouver, standing proudly and looking forward to doing great things. You will also find the iconic Five Sails of Canada Place and Telus World of Science on this layer, giving the cityscape a sense of depth and richness.


The Waves – Last but not least, the upper-most layer represents the geographic surroundings of Vancouver. As a city nestled among beautiful water inlets, our surrounding landscapes largely embodies the element of water. The abundance of water beautifies the city, ultimately making Vancouver one of the most liveable cities in the world.


In the end, we truly just want to say how much we value being a part of this city. It is a new and exciting venture for us, and we are ready for what is to come.