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Introducing Elephon Builders

Gryphon Development launches construction company

June 30, 2021


During the past 3 years, we have firmly planted our roots in Vancouver. Although our parent company has extensive development experience in Taiwan, we understood from the beginning that every market is different, and to produce the finest work that our team would be proud of, we needed to invest time and attention to gain a thorough understanding of the inner workings of the Vancouver real estate industry.



Over the past few years, we have accumulated experience and learnings from our Vancouver West Side projects, Westbury and Gryphon House, as well as our Experience Gallery and Gryphon Lab. From site acquisition to materials sourcing, site and residence design, every step has taught us important lessons on how we can make the construction process more streamlined and efficient.

With the foundation we have established, we feel that now is the best time for us to launch Elephon Builders, our subsidiary construction company under the Gryphon Development corporate umbrella.



Elephon Builders is a Vancouver-based group comprised of experienced builders, construction experts, and entrepreneurs with in-house design and build capabilities to help developers realize exceptional projects. Through the implementation of the best sustainable, ethical, value-add practices and systems to optimize each project from start to finish, we aim to maintain long-term relationships with each stakeholder in the construction process.

The key differentiator is that we acknowledge and emphasize with the pains developers go through – overbudget or delayed projects (that lead to additional spend). Often delays and unforeseen changes in the budget arise out of miscommunication (or lack thereof) between the involved teams.



The solution to these issues is to develop and maintain purposeful relationships with its stakeholders based on absolute trust and transparency. The result of this commitment is the ability to provide absolute certainty in budget and timelines for projects.

Yes, this is a big claim, but how do we back up this claim? We utilize the intelligent BIM (Building Information Modeling) 3D model-based technology solutions, which allows us to focus on maximizing the efficiency and transparency of the construction process. By leveraging industry-leading collaborative tools, architects, engineers, real estate developers, contractors, manufacturers and other construction professionals can compile insights to plan, design, and construct the building within one 3D model from beginning to end.

“Our passion is the pursuit of quality. Our responsibility is to build homes of the highest standard, in the place we call home.”



Using innovative technology and integrating this with our strict yet streamlined building processes and procedures, our team and our stakeholders have a 100% focus on delivering excellent quality that sets new standards in the industry.

The planning and design process is only the beginning of how we do things differently at Elephon Builders, our sustainable and value-add practices and systems will also prove fruitful for all stakeholders in the long run. Not only will these values deliver better builds that are more durable, but it will also minimize the amount of uncertainty throughout the process.

We look forward to opportunities for us to support real estate visionaries and developers to construct iconic architectural landmarks in Greater Vancouver and beyond. Our vision for our final products is to “build where we call home”, to deliver spaces homeowners will want to come home to.

Learn more about Elephon Builders at ELEPHONBUILDERS.COM