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Art Breathes Life Into Details

Gryphon Philosophy

May 2, 2018

At Gryphon, we integrate art and our care to homeowners into our designs to make the details come to life.

With over two decades of experience in building luxury homes, Gryphon has inherited the guiding principles of their parent company JinRay to create original, thoughtfully designed homes.

Tailor-made for your lifestyle, our design details anticipates your needs, so you don’t have to. Fine-tuned design details in our Westbury development at Arbutus Ridge can be found in the most unexpected places – and we are excited to reveal some of these designs today.


Tire stopper – keeping your car in tip-top condition

Imagine driving back to your Westbury home after a long day. Your eyes are fuzzy and tired and all you want to do is get home and rest your feet. You back-up a bit quicker than usual with your mind filled with daily mundane until the Gryphon tire stopper gently reminds you to stop. , There is a reason why we stress on these little details, so that you could be assured that your journey home will be a smooth one.


tire stopper gryphon development


Drainage cover

We look at places that are usually overlooked. Drainage is essential to a home, especially with our endearing Vancouver weather. Gryphon tries to give this critical but normally dull and not-so-pleasant piece a little more character. You will find our signature Gryphon “G” detailed engravings throughout the custom outdoor drainage system. These design elements might be insignificant but they subtly beautify spaces of importance that are often overlooked – including the car park garage, storage spaces and much more.


drain cover gryphon development


Engraved Westbury tiles

Selective outdoor tiles are accented with a gold Westbury engraving, bringing class and elegance to the landscaped community.

It is details like this that brings our designs to life. We could opt for the regular concrete tire stoppers, drainage covers and grey tiles, but we understand the importance of the extended living environment; ownership of a home and residence within a community becomes a part of your identity – our details exist to create an elevated experience and personal brand for our Westbury owners. Much like you cannot achieve a masterpiece without the precisions of the brush strokes, you cannot achieve a great architecture without considering and obsessing over the subtle details -A quality strongly rooted in our guiding principle and brand philosophy “Every Home Original, Every Home Art”.


westbury tiles gryphon development