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The Every Art Original

Media Preview Event

July 31, 2018

Gryphon Musée’s Every Art Original Exhibition officially opened its doors after our Media Preview event last week. This is the second exhibition of the year, featuring two talented emerging artists, Fiona Tang and Caitlin Reid. Each of their artwork on display carries a delightful and unique story from the artist. Hence, speaks to the theme of the exhibit, Every Art Original, where everyone interacts with, experiences, and expresses art differently.


Gryphon musee exhibition
Our CEO Jason welcoming guests to the Gryphon Musée #EveryArtOriginal exhibition Media Preview event.


The opening event was a success, and we are thrilled to see our guests enjoying the surrounding artwork while immersing themselves in the world of our two talented artists. Fiona and Caitlin were there to answer any questions regarding their work, creating an interactive experience for the audience wishing to learn more.

Our featured artists were able to talk about the inspiring stories behind each piece of their work. For Fiona, inspiration stems from her emotions and state of mind, where she channels them through the large-scale creatures she draws. A tiger to symbolize her frustration during a phase when she was searching for her identity, and a majestic yet peaceful peacock, to symbolize the restful passing of a close family member.

Caitlin, on the other hand, indulges in painting landscape scenes of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Her travels across North America and beyond are transformed into beautiful, flowing paintings in vibrant, high contrast colours. Caitlin takes a snapshot of the shoreline, and upon returning to her studio at home, recreates the stunning scenery and adds a touch of her imagination to the skyline.

We believe that art is not just a finished piece hanging on the wall, it is present in everyone’s daily lives, in the form of particular routines, rituals, processes, that we integrate into our day to day to enrich our experiences.

To learn more about our two featured artists, visit Fiona Tang and Caitlin Reid‘s for exclusive interviews.


Cait Reid Vancouver Gryphon Musee
Our featured artists Fiona Tang and Caitlin Reid with our CEO Jason


Gryphon musee exhibition
We loved seeing our guests enjoying the exhibition!


The lovely Caitlin Reid sharing inspirations and stories of her painting with our guests


Fiona Tang vancouver Gryphon musee
Art provoke emotions. This day we experienced joy and excitement at Gryphon Musée.


Cait Reid Vancouver Gryphon Musee
Caitlin Reid at the #EveryArtOriginal exhibition opening event


Fiona Tang vancouver Gryphon musee
Fiona Tang at the #EveryArtOriginal exhibition Media Preview  event


A Huge Thank You to Our Supporters

Of course, our supporters are a key to the success of our Gryphon Musée initiative, and we want to thank our business affiliates, partners, supporters and of course the press and media attendees for showing their support for Gryphon Musée.

Special thanks to AMC Development’s management team (Bryan Hawkey, Steve Moore and David (DJ) Craig), MLA Realty’s Ryan Lalonde, Ashley Judd and team, Free Agency Creative’s Don Williams and Tak Yukawa, False Creek Design Group’s Jim Toy and Dale Boute, and Revery Architecture’s Venelin Kokalov, Ling Meng and team.

We also welcomed special guests from the art community, painter Jeff Wilson, who was featured in our previous exhibition earlier this year, and Laura Scaligine, who has been commissioned to create bespoke paintings for our Westbury community.

Finally, other good company we keep who attended to support us include Lawson Lundell LLP, First Commercial Bank, CIBC, BAM Communications, Catalyst Agents and Fanson Capital.

The Gryphon Development team would like to share a big, heartfelt thank you to everyone who took the time out of their busy schedules to be there with us at the Media Preview event.


Fiona Tang Live Demo Every Monday and Thursday

Our #EveryArtOriginal summer exhibition is open Monday through Friday, 11am-4pm, with artist Fiona Tang on site every Monday and Thursday doing a live demo to create a brand new piece for Gryphon Musée. It is an opportunity to interact with the artist and witness the creation of something amazing, so we encourage art enthusiasts to join us on site and become a part of the creative process! We will also be sharing the progress of Fiona’s work on our social media channels so stay tuned! We look forward to seeing you this summer!


Fiona Tang vancouver Gryphon musee
Join Fiona Tang at the Live Demo room where she works on a fresh piece for our exhibition


Fiona Tang vancouver Gryphon musee
Fiona Tang and her “Panthera” piece. Drop by the Gryphon Musée to see it for yourself!