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Andrew McDermott

Artist Feature

March 9, 2018

We love art and we love to share it with the Vancouver community. We are honoured to work with top urban landscape artists Andrew McDermott and Jeff Wilson on our current art exhibition at the Gryphon Musée.


andrew mcdermott gryphon musee
Artist Andrew McDermott at the Gryphon Musée


Today, we sat down with Andrew McDermott to learn about his inspiration behind his series of pastel paintings, capturing soothing landscapes with lightly lined edges, giving off a delicate overall composition. His paintings have the ability to transport you to places near and far, with his masterful use of colours, brush strokes and composition. The resulting works of art are best enjoyed with a glass of wine, with its soothing colour palette activating your desire to relax and unwind.


Fisherman's village Andrew Mcdermott
“Fisherman’s Village” by Andrew McDermott


Andrew McDermott was born in Bolton, England and moved to Canada at a young age. Growing up on Vancouver Island, he was constantly inspired by the beautiful nature and West Coast landscape, a lot of which have been the subject of his work.

Andrew is a well-known figure on the national art scene, and was the past President and senior member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. His passion for art led him to become an educator for the subject, sharing his knowledge and expertise with the next wave of aspiring artists. He currently teaches at Capilano University, Vancouver Film School and hosts various workshops and lessons at many educational facilities. Last year, Andrew was awarded a Gold Medal from the Federation of Canadian Artists for his work, on top of his impressive list of awards over the last 17 years.


Day at the burrard bridge andrew mcdermott
“Day at Burrard Bridge” by Andrew McDermott


Join us as we engage in a conversation with Andrew McDermott, a master of contemporary impressionism.

Gryphon: G
Andrew McDermott: A


G: How would you describe your style of painting?

A: I would describe my paintings as a little bit of a mixed bag. There is a little bit of impressionism with a hint of representational and a dash of abstract, all mixed together to make a visually interesting concoction that is distinctive in style.


G: What are some of your favourite piece(s) of yours? What are your inspirations behind those piece(s)?

A: When it comes to my paintings I usually favour my street scenes especially night or rainy scenes. I love painting glowing lights of a city with their reflections, along with the hustle and bustle of the cars and people.  My favourite paintings are “Distant Lights”, “Blurred Lights” and “Night Lights”.


Blurred+Lights andrew mcdermott
“Blurred Lights” by Andrew McDermott


distant lights andrew mcdermott
“Distant Lights” by Andrew McDermott


night lights andrew mcdermott
“Night Lights” by Andrew McDermott


G: What inspired you to become an artist?

A: I am sure I loved art even at a very young age. I recall when I was a youngster looking at a print of Monet’s in our kitchen and wondered what it was, assuming it wasn’t a photo but something different. I was amazed how it was made with paint and a brush. Since then I have continually painted and drawn and will continue on my art path.


G: Where can people find your work in display?

A: You can find them at the Gryphon Musée at the current Urban Landscape exhibition alongside the works of artist Jeff Wilson. Other than that, most of my events and works can be viewed on my website or my Facebook page. Feel free to contact my agent/art dealer Mila Kostic at for availability on my works.


We thank Andrew for taking his time to have a conversation with us. Click here for our interview with Gryphon Musée featured artist Jeff Wilson.

Visit the Gryphon Musée from March 12th – April 13th, between Monday to Friday 11am- 4pm (except holidays) for a series of urban landscape paintings by Andrew McDermott and Jeff Wilson.


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