Gryphon Living

Let’s Fly

The Masterpiece that Celebrate Power and Freedom

September 18, 2017

Our reason for making “it” the centerpiece of our showroom is simple. When we first laid eyes on her, it drew a smile to our lips, a twinkle in our eyes, and lightened our hearts. We are hoping she will do the same for you when you visit us. This art piece is titled “Let’s Fly”, part of artist Yen-Lin Hsueh’s “Dance” collection.

Let's Fly Art Installation
The Let’s Fly installation in the Gryhpon Westbury showroom.

With her head held high, this lovely sculpture embodies joy, grace and whimsy in her movement. The artist gave this ballerina an intriguing shape, where she portrays a tighter frame at the top and a heavier set bottom with comically “ballooned” thighs – the disproportion does not appear to weigh her down, in fact it gives her a sturdier stance, empowering the effortless movement of her arms. Study her closely and you will feel empowered to do the same – spread your wings and “fly”.

Small circular copper pieces were welded together to create this elegant form and each small copper piece has an empty center, allowing light to pass through the sculpture naturally and lighting it up from within.

The creator of “Let’s Fly”, artist Yen-Lin Hsueh, was discovered in Sanyi, a rural village known as the “woodworking kingdom” of Taiwan. Learning alongside masters, it was there he developed his sculpting skills before adopting copper as his material of choice. Today, his distinct figures can be seen gracing gardens and homes throughout East Asia.

Our team believes in the power of artistic creations to bring joy into our lives, and upon encountering “Let’s Fly” while on his travels in Taiwan, our Founder Jason Hsu was determined to bring the sculpture to Vancouver to share its unique charm with the Vancouver community.

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