Gryphon Living

The Garage Antique Car Show

A free exhibition by Gryphon Development

August 31, 2018

Last Saturday we celebrated nostalgia and the art of automobile at The Garage Antique Car Show by Gryphon Development. The free show exhibited an array of antique and collector automobiles, including a rare red 1914 Ford Model T in pristine condition. We want to thank everyone for making it out to the event despite the rainy weather and sharing with us their personal stories about these vintage vehicles!


The 1914 Ford Model T Antique Car


We celebrated the ongoing working relationship between Gryphon Development and The Garage, a 4th generation family business servicing automobiles. The Garage was the previous occupant of the site of our Westbury townhomes, which is currently under construction. Ronald and son Jeffrey Tremblay, the owners of The Garage, have since relocated to Burnaby, expanding their business and venture into servicing electric vehicles. The Tremblay family has multiple generations worth of expertise in automobiles, and we couldn’t think of a better event to tribute the Tremblay family legacy than to celebrate their dedication to the art of the automobile.


Gryphon Development The Garage Antique Car Show
Antique car on display


The highlight of the show was the Tremblay Family’s red 1914 Ford Model T, still in pristine condition. The car was purchased by Ronald Tremblay 30 years ago and has since been fully restored by his family. We were surprised to learn that the production of Ford Model T started in 1908; mass production of the Model T began in 1915, but only in black. This makes Tremblay’s red 1914 Model T one of the very last few left from that era. The guests and neighbours were all stunned by its classic outlook, especially when it was driven in from the street among all other modern vehicles.


Gryphon Development The Garage Antique Car Show
Our youngest guest trying out the steering


Gryphon Development The Garage Antique Car Show
Guests getting a feel of the 1914 Ford Model T


Vancouver’s very own artisan popsicles shop, Johnny’s Pop’s was also on site to hand out free icy treats to guests. Delicious flavours including blackberry cheesecake, rhubarb strawberry and Vietnamese coffee.

Gryphon Development The Garage Antique Car Show
Free delicious artisan popsicles onsite from Johnny’s Pops


Gryphon Development The Garage Antique Car Show
The Tremblay Family from The Garage


Gryphon Development The Garage Antique Car Show
The team from The Garage and Gryphon Development


Gryphon Development The Garage Antique Car Show
The Gryphon Development team


We want to thank all of our guests and friends from the Arbutus Ridge, Dunbar and Kerrisdale community who came to join us at the event this past weekend! Special thanks to The Garage, Ronald Tremblay and his family for making this event happen – we couldn’t have done it without you.